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A Domestic EPC / Energy Performance Certificate is legally required for all dwellings being SOLD or RENTED in the UK and must be made available to the prospective buyer or tenant prior to contract to demonstrate the Energy Efficiency Rating of the property and therefore give an indication of the relative running costs of the building.


EPC Assess are accredited DEA's ( Domestic Energy Assessors ) and  can provide you with a DOMESTIC EPC in addition to additional services such as Legionella Risk Assessments, Inventory Management, Green Deal Assessments, Floorplans & Photography.

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Energy Performance Certificates ( EPC ) for EXISTING dwellings are produced using RdSAP (Reduced SAP) methodology and software which incorporates a number of 'Standardised' assumptions such as occupancy and energy usage. RdSAP is therefore inherently 'less accurate' than Full SAP but is designed to produce a comparitive rating across a high number of similar, standardised properties based on visual 'on-the-day' inspection.

Energy Performance Certificates ( EPC ) for EXISTING DWELLINGS can only be produced by a qualified, accredited DOMESTIC ENERGY ASSESSOR ( DEA ) who MUST VISIT the property and conduct a full visual inspection (unlike a SAP EPC for a New Build property which is assessed from plan). The DEA will measure the property to produce a floorplan and evidence (photograph) services, insulation and items that relate to energy usage within the property.


This is a very standardised proceedure and once collected the information is inputted into RdSAP software to produce an EPC ( Energy Performance Certificate ) which primarily gives a comparitive rating across the whole of the UK housing stock and which can be pretty accurate for 'standard' properties.


As a 'Reduced' data tool, RdSAP can be 'less accurate' in absolute terms, for properties that have been dramatically altered or are in some way of 'less than standardised' construction. However for the vast majority of existing dwellings RdSAP produces an Energy Efficiency Rating which is accurate enough for its intended comparative purposes.


Information which the DEA needs to collect during the assessment include :-


Floor area, number of habitable rooms, number of bathrooms, number of extensions, build dates, exposed wall area, build type, thickness and insulation, party wall area, build type, thickness and insulation, glazing and door types and insulation, conservatory detachment, size and services, gas and electricity supply, floor type and insulation, roof type and insulation, heating & cooling type, fuel, efficiency and control, secondary heating sources and served area, water heating, lighting types & efficiencies, renewables such as solar PV or Thermal, biomass and wind.


To produce a Domestic Energy Performance Certificate / EPC we MUST visit your property to take measurements and collect the required data which includes photographic evidence of many of the energy saving features already installed. The data will then be entered into Government approved software to produce your EPC Certificate which is valid for ten years OR until you make any changes that could effect the energy rating of the property at which point you will require a new EPC.

Although you do not have to physically be present it is important that any documentation that you have relating to energy saving features already installed are made available to us on the day of the assessment as evidence collected must be date stamped. If not available to us during the assessment we MUST use the standardised defaults build into the RdSAP software which are largely based upon the building regulations in force when the property was originally constructed.


Once produced your EPC is a public document and will be lodged on the Governments official EPC Register operated by Landmark and can be retrived or viewed at any time using either the unique Report Reference Number or the property address.


We can supply your EPC if you are selling or renting your property in the UK and provide a FAST, PROFESSIONAL service.


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