Energy Performance Certificates for Commercial & Domestic Buildings

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A Non Domestic or Commercial EPC / Energy Performance Certificate is legally required for all commercial buildings being sold or rented in the UK and provides an indication of its Energy Efficiency Rating compared to New and Existing buildings of the same type.


EPC Assess are qualified to assess both level 3 and level 4 Non Domestic buildings which includes Existing and New Build properties and to provide both Commercial EPC Certificates (Non Domestic Energy Performance Certificates), U-Value & BRUKL Reports.

commercial EPC by SAP energy Assessors
* Required
Commercial Energy Assessor
  • Data about the building construction

  • Any alterations to the building that you are aware of since it was built

  • The building services (heating, ventilation, air-con, power, water)

  • Activities within the building (as defined by the planning classification)


Of course we understand that it is not always possible to gain this information so there are 'defaults' that must be use should there be anything we cannot determin, however defaults are generally set at 'worst case' within SBEM software so tend to rate the building poorly. If information can be made available to us this will almost certainly improve the overall rating of the building in addition to maing the rating generally more acurate. In addition to the data that can be provided and gathered on site there can be quite a lot of desk reseach to undertake so the entire process can take some time to complete.


TO PRODUCE YOUR COMMERCIAL EPC we need visit the property and conduct a full visual / measured survey of the property and of course any information that you can let us have in advance would certainly be useful, we would be particulalry interested in any information that you have concerning :-


As Non Domestic / Commercial Energy Assessors Level 4 

( NDEA L4 ) we are able to assess buildings which have more complex Heating, Ventilation & Cooling systems (HVAC) in addition to conducting energy assessments for both EXISTING and NEW BUILD commercial buildings to ensure compliance to Building Regulations.


A level 4 NDEA ( Non Domestic Energy Assessor ) is also required for commercial buildings that have any of the following :-


  • Centralised Air Conditioning System

  • Mechanical Ventilation (AHU with supply & extraction)

  • Variable Air Volume System / Cabinet (VAV)

  • Fan Coil System

  • Induction System

  • Constant Air Volume System (CAV)

  • Multizone Hot/Cold Deck System

  • Constant Volume System with Terminal Reheat

  • Chilled Ceiling - Passive / Active Chilled Beam System

  • Water Loop Heat Pump System


Or the Following :-


  • Medium Temperature Hot Water System (MTHW)

  • High Temperature Hot Water Sytem (HTHW)

  • Steam Distribution

  • Demand Controlled Ventilation

  • Night Ventilation Strategy

... so can provide Energy Performance Certificates for ANY PROPERTY TYPE and have years of experience working with Agents, Owners, Architects, Designers, Builders & Contractors on thousands of standard and no-so-standard developments across the UK and we offer a FAST, RELIABLE and PROFESSIONAL service.

SHORT term payback (less than three years)

MEDIUM term payback (between three to seven years)

LONG term payback (greater than seven years)

OTHER Recommendations (general)

As Non Domestic / Commercial Energy Assessors we are authorised to conduct Energy Assessments of a Non Dwellings / Commercial buildings and produce and lodge a Non Domestic / Commercial EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) on the Governments central Non Domestic EPC Register (operated by Landmark). In doing we use approved software to model the BUILDING FABRIC in addition to the HEATING, COOLING and VENTILATION system to produce a comparison of its overall energy efficiency and carbon emissions with notational buildings of the same type both new and of a similar age. These efficiencies are expressed on a ND / Commercial EPC as an A to G rating on a scale of 0 to 150.

A Commercial EPC / Energy Performance Certificate can only be produced by a Non Domestic Energy Assessor ( NDEA ) using Government approved SBEM software (Simplified Building Energy Model) or DSM (Dynamic Simulation Model) or approved interface software such as iSBEM.

We provide Energy Assessments for :-

In addition to your Commercial EPC we will provide you with a RECOMMENDATIONS REPORT which will outline actions that you can take to improve the energy effciency of the building.

These recommendations will be categorised into :-